Clenbuterol LA® (hydrochloride), 0,02 mg/tab. (200 tab.)


Manufacturer: LA PHARMA
Category: Oral steroids
Substance: clenbuterol hydrochloride
Package: 0,02 mg/tab. (200 tab.)

Product Description

Before you place an order, make sure that the substance can be shipped to your location legally. Even if it is legal from where the online retailer is operating, that doesn’t automatically mean that it is legal in where you’re residing. If you don’t want the government to hold up your order, contact the website and have this clarified.
Registered psychologist and sessional academic, Curtin University
Since these are banned products, you are not going to get any guarantees about the quality or if it will even arrive. And if it does ship, there is the small matter of trying to get it without alerting the authorities.
· Drying muscle and burning fat
Results will depend on several factors such as the clen stack you are using and if you’re taking the steroid alone. But even if you are not stacking and using clen alone, there should be weight loss and burning of body fat.

Like any other drug used for body building or fat loss purposes, clen has pros and cons. It is an effective fat burner thanks to its thermogenic properties, but its anabolic properties may be surpassed by other drugs. You should clearly explain to your doctor why you want to use it. This way, you can buy clenbuterol and use it knowing that your body will benefit from it and you do not risk anything.

Clenbuterol promotes solid, quality muscle growth, which is complemented by a significant influx of power.