Genotropin 16 I.U. (growth hormone), 16 I.U. Package (price per 1 IU)


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Substance: growth hormone
Package: 16 I.U. Package (price per 1 IU)

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swelling of extremities

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Hawthrone Berry (Crataegus oxyacantha) has been used by the Greeks for centuries. It is very effective in healing wounds, enhancing cardiac function, destroying cancer causing agents and keeping the body young.
1 pill contains: Active substance: Human Growth Hormone 12 mg
Side Effects

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Side effects include water retention in the extremeties, Carpal Tunel Syndrome like symptoms. These sides will normally cease several weeks after the administration of gh is ended. Possible permanent effects are Type II Diabetes, acgromegely of the bones in the hands feet and face (as would occur in gigantisism, a disease caused by hyper-pituitary excess production of gh). GH may cause insulin desensitivity. Glucophage may be taken to increase the insulin sensitivity in the user, countering the negative effect of the gh. Some say it decreases Thyroid output also, but the distinct fat burning effect of gh questions the relevance of this claim. Gh is best used with insulin and Anabolic Steroids (AS). This will cause a synergistic effect of all the drugs used, a very powerful bulking cycle (possibly with less fat retention from high caloric intake, than would be possible without gh) for the advanced user. If no insulin use is desired, gh can be used with AS, and with added glucophage if desired. This will cause little if any bulk gains past what would be realized with just the AS alone, but with a more quality, cut, look. You should use AS with gh; however some may use gh alone during a short bridge peroid when off AS, in order to retain mass gain on the previous AS cycle. So, basically gh is not a good bulking drug in itself. It is a very good cutting drug and in addition to AS and insulin is part of a great bulking stack.