Humatrope (Cina) (growth hormone), 30 I.U. (price per 1 IU)


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Substance: growth hormone
Package: 30 I.U. (price per 1 IU)

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– 4iu the day (in the morning and 2IU 2IU late afternoon) for weightlifting purposes

are currently being treated for cancer.

Check with a doctor before you begin this treatment if you take seizure drugs or those containing steroids, hormone replacement therapy, insulin or other types of diabetes medication, or cyclosporin. If you are at risk for diabetes, your doctor should check your blood sugar regularly while you are taking the injections. If you have hypopituitarism, make sure your doctor monitors your hormone replacement therapy while you are taking HGH. Also, talk to your doctor if your vision changes, especially if it is accompanied by headache or nausea and vomiting – this might be a symptom of increased pressure on the brain. Your thyroid should be tested for hypothyroidism during treatment, and if you take thyroid hormone medications the dosage should be checked. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should talk to their doctors before taking HGH injections. Finally, one particular brand of injection, Humatrope, affects the processing of cortisol and cortisone hormones in the body. This can lead to hypoadrenalism in some individuals, who would then need to begin glucocorticoid replacement therapy.
The only method that can detect HGH is through blood testing. The degree in which HGH helps an athlete has been the subject of a long dispute. Some say it is the most anabolic substance, capable of amazing things and can provide increases in muscle mass and burn fat layer in a very short period of time. Because it is used only by professional competitors who can afford such expensive substances, an aura of mystery surrounds and higher HGH. Many say that “tons” of muscle presented by Mr. Olympia contestants are 100% due to the use of growth hormone. There are those who say it is a waste of money and time that has anabolic properties and high price makes it totally useless in the face of steroids.