Metanox mix (methandienone oral), 5 mg/tab. (100 tab.)


Manufacturer: MALAY TIGER
Category: Oral steroids
Substance: methandienone oral
Package: 5 mg/tab. (100 tab.)

Product Description

Regarding the recommended dosing for Danabol DS, one size doesn’t fit all, but as a rule of thumb 20mg would be considered the least amount to garner noticeable results and 100mg would be the maximum that most users would want to take. Although taking 100mg can be taken safely. most users would be happy taking just 50mg as long as they’re taking the real thing since there are a lot of low-dosed counterfeit and fake Danabol DS available on the black market.
Everything we eat is screened through the liver for toxicity. For some compounds, the liver changes the molecular makeup making them less toxic to the body or changes them into something that is easier for the body to use. That process causes liver toxicity and if the dosage is high enough or the course of the drug is long enough liver damage occurs. A good example would be the long-term use of alcohol or drugs that result in cirrhosis of the liver.
Injectable Dbol? This isnt the old reforvit b is it? I have not heard of any kind of inj dbol.
You’re already on the first one (WORKOUTS) but you need to re schedule your workout plan. What about your nutrition? What about taking adequate rest to allow the muscle grow? You just started the fourth (SUPPLEMENTS) and I enjoined you to add at least Testosterone Max to it.

The results of injecting Dianabol will not be altogether different than that of oral doses mainly because they are the same drugs, just different delivery.
Einecs No: 200-787-2
Recommended Doses for Cycles