Pribol (methenolone enanthate), 100 mg/ml (10 ml)


Manufacturer: XBS labs
Category: Injectable steroids
Substance: methenolone enanthate
Package: 100 mg/ml (10 ml)

Product Description

Side Effects of Alphabolin:

7. Masteron-Enanthate: Drostanolone-Enanthate Primary Mode of Action – Reducing Estrogen, Preserving Tissue Secondary Traits – Promoting Enhanced Metabolic Action Bulking Score – 0 Cutting Score – 7
Since Primobolan does not convert to estrogen, it displays many favorable characteristics. Estrogen related side effects should therefore not be seen at all when using this steroid. Sensitive individuals need not worry about developing gynecomastia, nor should they be noticing any water retention with this drug. The gains seen with Primobolan will be only quality muscle mass, and not the smooth bloat which accompanies most steroids open to aromatization. During a cycle the user should additionally not have much trouble with blood pressure values, as this effect is also related (generally) to estrogen and water retention. At a moderate dosage of 100-200mg weekly, Primobolan should also not interfere with endogenous testosterone levels as much as when taking an injectable nandrolone or testosterone. At higher dosages strong testosterone suppression will be noticed, as all steroids can act to suppress testosterone production at a given dosage. Here of course a proper post cycle therapy is a must.
Primobolan 3 x 1ml amps with 100mg primo per amp.
Bodybuilders use it to keep up their physical appearance; moreover, it is favoured by female bodybuilders since oestrogenic effects are not produced by this anabolic steroid. In order to achieve desired results, this steroid needs to be continued for three months at the prescribed dose rate

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