Propionate LA® (testosterone), 100 mg/amp.


Manufacturer: LA PHARMA
Category: Injectable steroids
Substance: testosterone propionate
Package: 100 mg/amp.

Product Description

i’m really fit, been working out on and off for quiet some time now. my muscle tone is ripped, though not as much now cause i had a few months off. Been working out for a month now.
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Stanozolol: 10-30 mg/day
The minimum cycle of usage is at least 8 weeks, while a cycle of 16 weeks is optimally efficient. Following a testosterone propionate cycle, a well-planned post cycle therapy or PCT must start. Testosterone propionate is a testosterone variant with a short half life, so its associated PCT needs to begin soon. PCT should start 3 days after your last propionate injection. PCT generally consists of human growth hormone (HGH) for 10 days and is followed by a 3-4 week long therapy of Clomid or Nolva.
Later, testosterone propionate was manufactured and released under the brand name of Testoviron in markets for commercial sale by a company in Germany called Schering AG. Until the 1960s, testosterone propionate was the most consumed form of testosterone. It was also developed and marketed in buccal and sublingual forms as tablets, but was discontinued during the 1980s due to dwindling popularity.