Somatrope (growth hormone), 15 I.U. (price per 1 IU)


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Package: 15 I.U. (price per 1 IU)

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Product Description

HGH and Post-Cycle Therapy

Do not use GENOTROPIN if:
Thyroid function should be checked regularly during growth hormone therapy. Thyroid hormone replacement therapy should be started or adjusted if needed.
General information:

List Genotropin Miniquick subcutaneous side effects by likelihood and severity.
Contact Pfizer’s endocrine helpline for more information, telephone 0800 521249, email endocrinecare@pfizer.com or alternatively contact Pfizer Medical Information, telephone 01304 616161.
However, unlike HGH injections that can cause severe side effects, natural HGH analog is absolutely safe for sportsman body.
In terms of dosages needed to see specific results, there is primarily only anecdotal evidence to be relied upon when it comes to fat loss and an anabolic response. The relevant research does not discuss these effects in any great scope. However, most users have indicated that doses of approximately two to six international units per day in men will usually produce a noticeable loss of body fat in most users. In terms of getting an anabolic response, the experience of users vary considerably. For the most part it can be concluded that most users will need to administer larger doses than needed to experience fat loss if they wish to see a noticeable anabolic response from Growth Hormone. How much more varies from individual to individual. There are some users who have indicated that using extremely large doses of the hormone has resulted in dramatic gains in muscle mass, but often these doses are cost prohibitive for most. Individuals will likely have to experiment themselves to find a level that they are comfortable with, as well as what they can afford.