Stanozolol Tablets (oral), 10 mg/tab. (100 tab.)


Manufacturer: GENESIS
Category: Oral steroids
Substance: stanozolol oral
Package: 10 mg/tab. (100 tab.)

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Product Description

Dose range and duration of use: Beginners: 50mg every 2 days Hobby: 50 mg / day or 100mg every 2 days Professional range: 50-100mg / day Women: 50mg 1-2 times per week Application period: 4 – 6 weeks
What is the verdict – Winstrol or oral steroid Winidrol pills?

However, it’s still important to take this steroid under the direction of a medical professional to avoid other potential Stanozolol side effects. A Stanozolol cycle should never go beyond the length of time that has been recommended .
We aren’t just trying to stop you from Winstrol (winny) because most don’t like it, but we have tried every route possible but oral cycles simply aren’t effective, cause more harm then good, and the end result won’t be worth it.
Both oral and injectable stanozolol resulted in significant (P < 0.05) increases in amino acid nitrogen retention compared to pretreatment values. Oral stanozolol increased nitrogen retention from 29.2 +/- 8.2% to 50.3 +/- 9.2%, while stanozolol injection increased nitrogen retention from 26.6 +/- 9.9% to 67.0 +/- 7.5%. The response to intramuscular administration was significantly greater than the response to the oral dosing regime. Stanozolol increases amino acid nitrogen retention in dogs, as has been previously observed in rats. This action of stanozolol may be beneficial in dogs under stress of surgical trauma and chronic disease. Cardiovascular: Fluid retention may cause edema with or without heart failure. Important Note: The form of testosterone used is inconsequential.